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Assembled in the halls of SHP, our fearless group of Superheroes is on a mission.  Competing in this year’s Red Bull Flugtag, our Cincy Super Friends will take a leap of faith over the waters of the Ohio River…  Gathering in front of our Hall of Justice, we will launch Wonder Woman in her Invisible Jet off the Flugtag Flight Deck to help raise money for Design LAB.  Join us August 12th at the Red Bull Flugtag event at Yeatman’s Cove.

Red Bull Flugtag:  August 12th @ Yeatman’s Cove

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Helping support Design LAB

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All proceeds and any winnings after building costs go directly to supporting Design LAB.

About our Hall of Justice

Debuting 50 years ago this year, the Super Friends introduced the Hall of Justice to the world.  The official Headquarters of ALL DC Superheroes, the Hall of Justice is a beacon of hope, bravery, and goodness for all.  What most of the world doesn’t know is the Hall of Justice was modeled after Cincinnati’s historic Union Terminal (home to the Cincinnati Museum Center).  The Cincy Super Friends are excited to show the world why we feel this iconic part of our city is the official Hall of Justice and the home to ALL Superheroes.  

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